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We are a family business with over 20 years of experience.

Innovative Concrete is a premier provider of concrete formwork and construction services, with a strong focus on quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is committed to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients' needs. Our comprehensive design services include constructability review, preliminary budgeting, value engineering, scheduling, and planning. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that each project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. We take pride in our family-owned and operated business, which reflects our commitment to personal attention, transparency, and integrity. Whether you need concrete frame preconstruction or custom stonework, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results. At Innovative Concrete, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their vision and goals, while exceeding their expectations every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next project.

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A family-owned and operated company - proud to be servicing our clients for over 20 years.

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Innovative Concrete is a commercial concrete contractor that specializes in a variety of concrete services for businesses and organizations. Some of our services include concrete installation, repair, and maintenance for parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, ramps, and other concrete surfaces. We also offer decorative concrete solutions, such as stamped and stained concrete, that can help improve the aesthetic appeal of commercial properties. Additionally, Innovative Concrete has experience working with government agencies and transportation authorities, and can provide specialized services for such clients as well. Innovative Concrete provides high-quality and reliable services to help businesses and organizations maintain safe and functional concrete surfaces.


Innovative Concrete specializes in providing high-quality residential concrete work services to our clients. We have a team of experienced professionals who use the latest techniques and materials to create beautiful and functional concrete driveways, patios, walkways, and other features for their clients' homes. Our services include professional design consultation, site preparation, and installation of stamped and decorative concrete. We also offer custom color and finish options to match the unique style of their clients' homes.


Custom concrete designs are becoming increasingly popular in modern home and building design. This versatile material is a great option when it comes to creating unique and customized interior and exterior surfaces that make a statement. From countertops and flooring to fireplaces, outdoor patios, and retaining walls, personalized concrete designs can be created in a variety of finishes, colors, textures and patterns. Innovative Concrete works closely with our clients to create unique and custom concrete and stone masonry designs. We believe that every project should be a reflection of the client’s personal style, and we ensure that each design is tailored to our customer's specific needs and preferences.

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Innovative Concrete works closely with customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, and then design a proposal that fits their budget and project goals. Our company has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and cost-effective projects.

Value Engineering

Innovative concrete offers a range of value engineering benefits. By incorporating advanced tools and materials, we harness techniques can help to significantly reduce overall construction costs while maintaining high levels of quality and durability.


Our team of experts develops customized plans and schedules that meet the unique requirements of each project. We use modern tools and techniques to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. We take into account various factors such as weather conditions, site logistics, and material availability to create realistic timelines that minimize downtime and delays. Our team continually monitors and adjusts the schedule to ensure that the project stays on track.

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The 4 P's

At our innovative concrete company, we follow a specific service process to ensure excellent results for our clients.

1. Initial Consultation: We start with a consultation with our clients to understand their needs, goals, and expectations for the project. We also assess the project site to determine the scope of work and identify any potential challenges.
2. Design and Planning: Based on the client's requirements, we create a design plan that outlines the project's key features, such as the type of concrete, finishing options, and color. We also create a project timeline and cost estimate.
3. Preparation and Site Preparation: Before starting with the actual concrete work, we prepare the site by clearing the area and setting up the necessary equipment. We also ensure that any existing concrete is removed, and the surface is cleaned.
4. Concrete Pouring and Finishing: Once the site is prepared, we start with concrete pouring. We ensure that the concrete mix is of the highest quality and that it is properly placed to avoid any cracks or damage. We also use various finishing techniques to create the desired texture, pattern, or color.
5. Curing and Sealing: After the concrete is poured and finished, we allow it to cure for a specific period, which varies depending on the weather conditions and the type of concrete used. We also apply a sealer to protect the concrete from damage caused by water, dirt, and other elements.
6. Final Inspection and Client Sign-Off: Once the project is complete, we conduct a final inspection with the client to ensure that everything is up to their standards. We also provide maintenance instructions and a warranty for our work.

At our innovative concrete company, we strive to deliver top-quality concrete services that exceed our client's expectations. Our service process is designed to ensure that we complete each project on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to the client's daily routine.

"I had a retaining wall that was breaking and I needed it fixed urgently. I reached out to Innovative Concrete for their services and I must say, they were simply amazing. They swiftly got the job done within the agreed-upon budget and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Their level of professionalism was top-notch and their attention to detail was impressive. I would highly recommend Innovative Concrete to anyone in need of concrete services."

Gene P.  - Residential Client

"Innovative Concrete truly impressed me with their exceptional service as the primary concrete contractor for the multi-level parking structure needed for our new apartment complex. Working with them was a breeze as they were very accommodating and provided us with clear advice on the project. Their timelines were reasonable and accurate, and they ensured that the work was completed on schedule. I am extremely satisfied with their service and highly recommend Innovative Concrete for any project that requires top-notch concrete work."

Michael M.   - Commercial Client


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